Portable Ultrasound Machine For Therapy
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Portable Ultrasound Machine For Therapy

Therapeutic ultrasound, or ultrasound therapy, is a form of natural pain relief that has been used by physical therapists and chiropractors since the 1940s. It uses high frequency sound waves to massage and stimulate tissue several inches beneath the skin’s surface. The ultrasound waves, typically between 800,000 Hz and 2,000,000 Hz, are unable to be heard by humans or animals but strong enough to move cells in the body.

Ultrasound waves are applied to the body using a round-headed probe or transducer. For them to effectively treat the body, ultrasound gel must be used during treatment because it makes it possible for the sound waves to travel from the machine’s probe into the body. It also reduces friction between the probe and skin. The probe by itself can’t effectively transfer the waves to the body, and using the probe without gel can damage the machine. The ultrasound waves vibrate and massage the tissues underneath the probe, and a deep heating of the tissues occurs; however, this type of deep heat isn’t a heat sensation that can be felt by the patient.

Several factors can determine the effectiveness of treatment. Lower frequency machines actually penetrate the body deeper. A higher power setting can speed up treatment, but using too high of a power output while leaving the machine sitting on the body can possibly burn body tissue. It is actually more effective to use a lower power setting and treat the body more frequently over a longer period of time.

Benefits of Therapeutic Ultrasound

Therapeutic ultrasound benefits in four primary ways. It increases the blood flow of the treated area to speed up the healing process by delivering more oxygen and nutrients to the area and removing cell waste. Though vibrations, it reduces swelling and edema to reduce pain. It increases the recovery rate of damaged tissue without adding strain and softens any scar tissue. It can be used to transfer topical medicines into the body, which is a process known as phonophoresis.

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